Hôtel-Restaurant A la Ville de Nancy


Good confort hotel. Rooms with shower or bath, toiletts and TV.

Marketing method

  • From the owner

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche7

Distance from the airport

Baden Baden130
Euroairport Bâle-Mulhouse60

Style of accommodation

Traditional half-timbered Alsatian house

Languages spoken

German English

Practical services

  • Local tourist information

Catering on spot

  • Yes

Facilities for children

  • Highchair
  • Cot

Number of beds

Number of family rooms or interconnecting rooms (sleeps 3)2

Accommodation capacity (according to classificat.)

number of people15
number of rooms7
Number of rooms with shower or bath and toilet7
en nombre de chambres singles1
en nombre de chambres doubles3
en nombre de chambres triples2
en nombre de chambres familiales-communicantes1
en nombre de chambres twin (lits jumeaux)3
Self-catering cottages/furnished/bedrooms (beds)11
en nombre de lits 1 personne8
en nombre de lits 2 personnes4

Total number of place settings

Total number of place settings110

Number of table settings per room/terrace

room 1:40
room 2:70
terrace 1:15

Comfort bedrooms

  • Hairdrier
  • Television

Methods of payment

  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • Transfer

Hotel rates in €

  • Min. double room 59
  • Max. double room 75
  • Min. breakfast 9,20


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