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Favorite event: The winefestival for discover new wines.

Favorite season: Summer, the best season to discover Alsace and enjoy flowers.

Favorite place: The bicycle way "Paysage à bicyclette" between vineyards and villages.


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Favorite event: The winefestival for sharing good moments with friends.

Favorite season: Spring, for colours, each day is different.

Favorite place: "Les Trois Châteaux", the best place for hiking and enjoying nature.


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Favorite event: The Heritage and culture day (mid-September)

Favorite season: Fall, the nature is so beautiful.

Favorite place: Sandstone cliff in Gueberschwihr.


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Favorite event: The farmfestival for taste local products.

Favorite season: Fall with colorful evolution of vineyards.

Favorite place: "La rue du fromage" in Rouffach for the beautiful house.



Favorite event: The night watchman's Round.

Favorite season: Summer, there are so many festival in every village.

Favorite place: The vineyard to walk around and see the work of the winemakers



Favorite event: "Festival mangeurs de lune" a festival of worldwide musics.

Favorite season: Spring ! Nature is coming back!

Favorite place: "La colline sèche du Bollenberg" for the view on the Alpes and the sunset.


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Favorite event : The festival "Comme une image" A nice way to visit the village and discover the art.

Favorite season : Spring, for the wonderful color and the beautiful light.

Favorite place : The round of Eguisheim with its pretty shops