Chambres d'hôtes - Hélène BLEGER


2 rooms with bathroom, 1 room with washbasin and bathroom nearby.
Environment very calm. Garden at disposal for picnic or barbecue.
Little car-park in front of the house.

Marketing method

  • From the owner

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche


Style of accommodation

Detached house

Languages spoken

French German English

Practical services

  • Sheets included in the rental price
  • Household linen included in the rental price
  • Beds made on arrival
  • Local tourist information
  • End of stay cleaning included

Facilities for children

  • Cot
  • Small free gift (baloon, lolly etc)
  • Child's toilet seat
  • Baby bouncer chair

Type of entrance to accommodation

Shared with that of owner

Entrance to the accommodation

Raised ground floor

Number of beds room 1

No. of double beds1

Number of beds room 2

No. of double beds1

Number of beds room 3

No. of double beds1

Accommodation capacity (according to classificat.)

number of people6
Number of rooms3
Number of rooms with shower or bath and toilet3
en nombre de chambres doubles3
en nombre de lits 2 personnes3

Bathroom facilities

  • Number of restrooms (private) with shower 3
  • No. of toilets in bathrooms 3

Main method of heating

  • Central

External facilities of the accommodation

  • Shared barbecue grill
  • Private garden
  • Private garden furniture
  • Closed garden
  • Closed courtyard

Comfort bedrooms

  • Television

Comfort accommodation

  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Iron
  • Shared washing machine
  • TV in every room
  • Cable / Satellite TV

Methods of payment

  • Cheque
  • Cash

Bed and breakfast rates in €

  • Min. night 1 pers with breakfast 55
  • Min. night 3 pers with breakfast 65


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