Show: Petit Monde (little world)


25/09/2019, wednesday : 10:30 - 11:00

A small visual world, a small sound world, a small olfactory world, a small tactile world ... A small world that crosses the seasons ... A small world that each of us has tasted but which none of us remembers ... At the rate of small instruments of all kinds, songs funny or touching, this journey embarks mini adventurers to new poetic lands ...

By the company Bas Les Pat'hibulaire.

Opening hours

Opening hours10h30

Marketing method

  • From the owner

Booking necessary

  • Yes

Length of visit/event

  • 1h

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche7

Audience concerned

  • Families

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Organised byMédiathèque

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  • Prices (events, products, etc.) accès libre