Running around the Petit Ballon



Trail du Petit-Ballon : the race takes place between 200 and 1300m of altitude on a 53km course for +2200m of difference in altitude, it will lead the "trailers" to the summit of the Petit-Ballon (km 24) before returning by Osenbach (km 38), the descents being rather on wide roads, the ascents on superb mountain paths perhaps snowed!

Marathon du Petit Ballon : common course with the 53km one until the Boelensgrab pass, then it branches off towards the Firstplan pass where it joins it again at 18km from the finish.

Circuit des Grands-Crus : it is a 24km loop between 200 and 600m of altitude, essentially on paths and tracks, with a difference in altitude of about +800m through vineyards and forests with a picturesque passage at the Kreuzlein near Osenbach, at the halfway point and above the convent of Sshauenberg.

Mini-Trail de l'âne : it is a "discovery" course of 13km and 300 m of positive difference in altitude. To be done solo or in duo.

Course subject to change.

8:00 am for the Trail and the Marathon du Petit Ballon
9:00 am for the Circuit des Grands Crus
9:30 am for the Mini-trail.

Opening hours

from 7:30 am

Venue of the event

rue du stade

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  • Reservations - ticket office

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  • Sur Internet


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  • All day

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  • Adults (individuals)

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CCAR Athlétisme

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German English

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  • Prices (events, products, etc.) 12>61 €