Picnic at the independent winegrower's- Domaine Xavier Schneider


From 27/05/2023 to 28/05/2023

The principle is simple, come with your family or friends and bring your lunch basket, the winemaker welcomes you in the heart of his estate. A space to receive you will be set up with tables and chairs, and sometimes even a barbecue. The winegrower offers you a tasting of his wines and welcomes you to his cellar and vineyards, where he is available to talk to you about his work. Many fun and unusual activities are offered. From the vineyard walking tour, to the treasure hunt, to the barrel games, to the open-air concerts, to the horse-drawn carriage rides, or to the more traditional but nonetheless exciting workshops to discover the trade or to learn about wine tasting. As you can see, you will have an excellent time

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  • Reservations - ticket office auprès du viticulteur


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Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche


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Domaine Xavier SCHNEIDER

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