Mushroom festival


From 26/10/2024 to 27/10/2024

Mushrooms are fascinating: they're indispensable, beautiful and endangered all at the same time. To defend them, we need to inform and educate, with the help of fun events. To this end, the Société Mycologique du Haut-Rhin, led by its President Bernard DISS, is organizing a large indoor exhibition of regional mushroom species, from 9am to 6pm, on the first floor of the former girls' school (place Monseigneur Stumpf - Eguisheim town center).

Over the weekend, members of the Société Mycologique du Haut-Rhin (Mycological Society of the Haut-Rhin) will be leading mycological outings in the forest: departures each day (Saturday and Sunday) at 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. by car from the meeting point on the large Mairie parking lot at the entrance to the village (opposite the Wolfberger cooperative winery). An easel on the sidewalk will indicate the meeting point where the mycologists will be waiting, wearing a Société Mycologique du Haut-Rhin badge.

Prior registration is required for mycological outings. All you have to do is turn up at the meeting point for the car-sharing trip to nearby forests. Budding and experienced mycologists alike will find plenty to fuel their fascination with a world that is far from having revealed all its secrets.

A local mushroom market will be held in the center of Eguisheim, divided by theme into 3 squares, and a musical catering tent will offer delicious pasta topped with mushroom sauce. Finally, the taste buds of mushroom-lovers will be delighted by the Mushroom Menus put on by the local restaurateurs associated with the operation, in collaboration with Eguisheim's winegrowers. Comedians will be performing in the streets of Eguisheim throughout the weekend.

An exhibition of artistic photographs by Roland LETSCHER on the theme of mushrooms in nature will be on display throughout the weekend at the Jean-Luc FREUDENREICH cellar, 32 Grand-Rue, in the immediate vicinity of the Société Mycologique du Haut-Rhin mushroom exhibition.

For its 6th edition, the Eguisheim Mushroom Festival also welcomes the Official Truffle Market of Alsace, organized by the Association "Truffes d'Alsace" (ATA), under the leadership of its President Bernard VONFLIE, with the support of the Association des Trufficulteurs du Grand Est (ATGE) represented by its President Stéphane PHILIPPE. Truffle growers will be selling their production, and all truffles sold on site will be individually inspected and certified (species, degree of maturity) in accordance with the "Label ATGE" regulations drawn up and accepted by the sellers.
This guarantees the traceability and quality of the truffles. This inspection will take place in public on the Place du Château on Saturday and Sunday morning. To discover the different varieties of local truffles, visitors will be able to visit an exhibition and take part in short thematic conferences led by Bernard VONFLIE.

These talks will take place at the Jean-Luc FREUDENREICH cellar, 32 Grand-Rue, at 11 a.m. on both days, on the theme of "Truffles on the plate". Each lecture will be followed by a discussion to answer any questions about truffles and the "Truffes d'Alsace" Association.

Opening hours

from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Venue of the event

City centre

Marketing method

  • Reservations at the Tourist Office
  • Sur Internet


  • Booking necessary


  • By bus

Length of visit/event

  • 2 days / 1 night

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche


Audience concerned

  • Couple
  • Families

Organised by

La Boutique du Champigon, la Société mycologique du Haut-Rhin, le Comité des Fêtes et les Partenaires Economiques d'Eguisheim.

Catering on spot

  • Drinks
  • Catering for groups

Prices (events, products, etc.)

  • Prices (events, products, etc.) free