Fête de la musique



The Fête de la musique was fixed to symbolic and unique(only) date, June 21st, day of the summer solstice. Big(Great) free popular event(demonstration) and open to all musicians, amateurs of any levels or professionals, it celebrates living music and emphasises the scale and the diversity of musical practices, as well as all musical genres. She(It) addresses all public and contributes to familiarise in all musical expressions the young people and the least young of any social status.

Opening hours

from 6:30 pm

Venue of the event

place de la mairie


  • By bus

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche


Organised by

Musique Sainte Cécile

Catering on spot

  • Drinks
  • Catering for groups

Prices (events, products, etc.)

  • Prices (events, products, etc.) free