Festival Le Mangeur de Lune : Klezmhear


16/08/2019, friday : 20:00

Between passion and sweetness, Klezmhear is keen to discover the traditions of klezmer music while adding a touch of modernity, creating a unique musical identity. The ensemble draws on the influences of musicians - jazz, classical music and Latin music - to add a personal touch to the traditions of klezmer music from Hungary, Romania or Israel, ignoring the borders to access to what touches the universal in this mood: the emotion of the instruments that make voice, singing, exploding with joy or crying, (c) laughing, sif-fling or murmuring ...
Marked by strong contrasts between exalted joy and deep melancholy, between dances and recollection, Klezmhear's music summons extreme emotions and invites the soul to travel.

Opening hours

Opening hours8:00 pm

Venue of the event

Venue of the eventriding center

Length of visit/event

  • 1h

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)2 km - Rouffach

Organised by

Organised byLes Mangeurs de Lune

Prices (events, products, etc.)

  • Prices (events, products, etc.) 15 €, presale: 13 €, reduced: 10 €. Free until 15 years old. Tickets valid for the whole evening.