Festival Le Mangeur de Lune : Jan Vanek


15/08/2019, thursday : 20:00

But what is this music ... Jazz? Classic? Folk? With Jan Vanek, guitarist over-talented, we must expect all this at once. And even more. Self-taught, great ta-slow guitarist, composer-performer, poly-instrumentalist, Jan Vanek is a veritable jazzman globe-trotter who returns to perform as a trio for The Moon Eater! A born musician, a virtuoso at the service of musical expressiveness. Wherever he moves, he observes, listens and brings back new sounds.

Opening hours

Opening hours8:00 pm

Venue of the event

Venue of the eventriding center

Length of visit/event

  • Evening

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)2 km - Rouffach

Organised by

Organised byLes Mangeurs de Lune

Prices (events, products, etc.)

  • Prices (events, products, etc.) 8 €, presale: 6 €. Free until 15 years old. Tickets valid for the whole evening.