Festival Le Mangeur de Lune : Duna Orkestar


16/08/2019, friday : 21:30

Duna means the Danube in some parts of Eastern Europe: this river runs and delimits countries whose music inspires us. Beyond the traditional music of Eastern Europe, Duna Orkestar operates without cutting complexes with the West to budge his music world.Propose a current music of the Balkans is to bring Bulgarian shepherds on the dance floor. A lively music, full of emotion, that makes purists and neophytes dance with custom arrangements, solos and inspirational songs.

Opening hours

Opening hours9:30 pm

Venue of the event

Venue of the eventriding center

Length of visit/event

  • 1h

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)2 km - Rouffach

Organised by

Organised byLes Mangeurs de Lune

Prices (events, products, etc.)

  • Prices (events, products, etc.) 15 €, presale: 13 €, reduced: 10 €. Free until 15 years old. Tickets valid for the whole evening.