Domaine François WECK


Winegrower from father to son since 1696, the Weck family has been preserving their knowledge for many generations. A family estate, located in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard (12 km south of Colmar), the estate of François Weck and sons extends over 12.5 hectares. It is composed of many parcels of vines located on the slopes of Gueberschwihr, Pfaffenheim, Westhalten, Hattstatt, Herrlisheim and Ingersheim, Ammerschwihr. These different parcels of land give us the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of different terroirs, and thus to obtain wines with a wide range of characteristics.
For many years we have been practising sustainable agriculture and we are currently converting to organic farming. We are looking to promote growing techniques that are not too aggressive on the environment. This is why in our vineyards we alternate grassing and ploughing, and since 2009 we have not carried out any chemical weeding. We use hand trellising to reduce the use of the tractor, so that our mobile wires remain for life in the rows of vines and we do not produce any waste. We keep a manual harvest combined with a traditional winemaking technique, in order to preserve the terroir-varietal characters for each of our wines.

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Monday to Sunday by appointment.

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  • Adherent SYNVIRA (logo vigneron indépendant)
  • Winegrowers harvest

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  • Transitioning to organic farming
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  • Colouring books and littlel games

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Alsace AOC
Crémant d'Alsace AOC

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free tasting
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