Westhalten means “the western slope from the Strangenberg” seen from Rouffach. The early village was part from Rouffach and Soultzmatt. There was no court and the judicial acts were put in order in Rouffach or in Soultzmatt. That’s the reason why Westhalten didn’t have any seal or armorial bearings. In the year 1788, the inhabitants of Westhalten gathered together and declare the autonomy of the village. Westhalten got its own territory in the year 1818. The village prospered in the 19th and the 20th century thank to the wine growing.
The house with gable in helix and a wooden oriel, where the tithe was paid is situated 2 rue de Rouffach. Another house with an oriel in yellow sandstone from the year 1624 is situated 12 rue de l’Eglise. An old jail built in the year 1767 is situated between two houses in the rue de Soultzmatt.


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