The five castles road

Husseren les Châteaux

Surrounding the summit of Stauffen, the road of the five castles extends over 10 km joining the village of Husseren les châteaux (highest point of the wine road) to the village of Wintzenheim.

The forest massif of the Castles dominates the plain of Alsace and the Valley of Munster. Located in the immediate vicinity of our villages, this itinerary will allow you to discover the ruins of the 3 castles and to take advantage of remarkable points of view on the plain of Alsace, but also to visit the castle of Hohlandsbourg, perched on the first heights of the Vosges.

Warning : Road closed every year by prefectural decree from November 15 to March 15.

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  • Can be accessed by car except in winter
  • Through a gravel road

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