The lords of Hattstatt


Hattstatt was the centre of an important seigneury during many centuries. The village was much ravaged during the Thirty Years' War. Nowadays, Hattstatt is a typical village on the Alsatian Wine Route with a rich heritage.
GPS N48°00.654 E007°18.015
Google Maps 48 00.654, 7 18.015
GPS N48°00.654 E007°18.015 / Google Maps 48 00.654, 7 18.015

This building is the town hall and was built in 1554. The coat of arms of the village are engraved on the porch.

What do you see ?

– Saint Paul’s sword, A=10

– Saint Andrew’s cross, A=20

– Saint Thomas’s shield, A=30
GPS N48°00.679 E007°18.053 / Google Maps 48 00.679, 7 18.053

The statue over the fountain is Saint Columba. What’s the shape of the fountain ?

– hexagonal, B=10

– heptagonal, B=20

– octagonal, B=30
GPS N48°00.728 E007°18.097 / Google Maps 48 00.728, 7 18.097

The church is situated in the upper part of the village, near the ruin from an early castle. The oldest parts were built in the 11th century. The upper part was built in baroque style in 1772 and the spire in 1882. The roman apse was replaced by a gothic choir and buttresses in the 14th century.

How many dials do you count on the bell tower ? =C
GPS N48°00.694 E007°18.047 / Google Maps 48 00.694, 7 18.047

Look up on the porch ! This shield was built in 1712. Which animal do you see ?

– a unicorn, D=10

– an ibex, D=20

– a camel, D=30
GPS N48°00.703 E007°17.999 / Google Maps 48 00.703, 7 17.999

On this house, you can see an orile window with a hammered shield.
What date can you read ? =E
GPS N48°00.698 E007°17.921 / Google Maps 48 00.698, 7 17.921

Which manufacture took place in this house ?

– a tileworks, F=10

– a brickworks, F=20

– a marbleworks, F=30
GPS N48°00.608 E007°17.970 / Google Maps 48 00.608, 7 17.970

The mythological creature over this fountain is a bisilisk with a dragon’s tail, bat’s wings and a cock’s head. The shape of this fountain was imagined in 1884 in order to create fountains in the streets of a town.

In which town ?

– London, G=10

– Basel, G=20

– Madrid, G=30

Bravo ! You've answered all the questions. Now you can find the treasure ! Hattstatt is a typical village on the Wine Route, with remarkable flowered borders.

GPS N48°00.North E007°18.East
Google Maps 48 00.North, 7 18.East

With North = E-(AxB)-G-355 and East = 405-(CxDxF)

Game geocaching Hattstatt

Length of visit/event

  • 1h

Level of difficulty

  • Suitable for everyone