Saint Blaise from Westhalten


Westhalten means the western slope from the Strangenberg seen from Rouffach. The early village was part from Rouffach and Soultzmatt. There was no court and the judicial acts were put in order in Rouffach or in Soultzmatt. That's the reason why Westhalten didn't have any seal or armorial bearings. In the year 1788, the inhabitants of Westhalten gathered together and declare the autonomy of the village. Westhalten got its own territory in the year 1818. The village prospered in the 19th and the 20th century thank to the wine growing. The early church was built in the town center. This church belonged to the parisch of Rouffach. In the year 1450 the church gains to independence. A new church was built between 1836 and 1841 in front of the cemetery.
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The meridienne is like a sundial, but it only shows the midday, the exact moment when the day is divided in two equal periods. At this moment, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. The meridienne were often hung on the walls from churches, so that they could adjust the clock.
How many months are represented on the dial ? =A
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Which plant is engraved on the shield ?

– a lime, B=10

– a vine, B=20

– a hop, B=30

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Behind this door, there is the dungeon where the thieves were imprisoned.

When was it built ? =C

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Religious fugures were sometimes sculpted in the houses’ façades to protect the occupants.

Who are these figures ?

– Mary and Jesus, D=10

– Jesus and John the Baptist, D=20

– Moses and Abraham, D=30

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The sundial was built in the year 1615 and dedicated to the patron saint of the village.

Who is he ?

– Saint Nicolas, E=10

– Saint Martin, E=20

– Saint Blaise, E=30

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« Honni soit qui mal y pense ». This motto is writen on a wrought iron sign. Look at the sign, which trade was carried on in this house ?

– Restaurant, F=10

– Wine grower, F=20

– Butcher, F=30

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The tombstones covered the tombs of important persons (lords, monk, magistrate...). Often cut in the pink sandstone of the Vosges, their size was imposing, (1m x 2m) .

Look up ! Which date can you read on the stone ? =G
To find the treasure, you have to answer the last question. When became the church independent ? (Read the introduction !)= H

Bravo ! You've answered all the questions.Now you can find the treasure !

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With North = C-A-B-D-H+303 and East = G-E-F-1004

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