Bollenberg - Fauna and flora


The Bollenberg is the main hill from five hills in the area around Rouffach. It was protected for its fauna and flora by a by-law in December, the 11th 1965.
Many birds can be found in the bushes, the moor, the fields and the vines like the bunting, the linnet and the lark. Lizards, snails, butterflies and grasshoppers also live there. There are actually three plant-rounding up: the forest with Scots pines, larch trees, maples, hornbeams, beeches and chestnuts (introduced by the Romans); the lawn where the sunniness is optimal; the vines and the rocks.

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)

Distance and name of nearest railway station (km)7 km - Rouffach

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Walking shoes

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