The fountains in Osenbach


Osenbach is optimally situated with its sunniness and its geological richness. The preserved flora is due to the ground's diversity. The panorama over the summits is superb. The name Osenbach comes from the little stream which gushes out in the village. A noble family was named after the place and had a coat of arms with a head of a steer. From 1498 to 1850, mines of silver and copper were worked in Osenbach.
GPS N47°59.228 E007°13.238
Google Maps 47 59.228, 7 13.238
GPS N47°59.150 E007°13.095 / Google Maps 47 59.150, 7 13.095

The early church was built in the 12th century. The many-storied Romanesque bell-tower is perforated by twin windows separated by small columns with cubic capitals.
How many stories do you count ? =A
GPS N47°59.137 E007°13.089 / Google Maps 47 59.137, 7 13.089

This fountain was built in the 18th century and were rebuilt and enlarged in 1865. The fountain is celebrated on August, the 15th, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.
How many sides do you count ? =B
GPS N47°59.207 E007°13.199 / Google Maps 47 59.207, 7 13.199

The fountain replaces many flumes made by wood or sandstone situated along the main road, which were supplied by a one and only conduit. The municipality decided to build a new fountain in order to have a bigger reserve of water in case of fire. A statue from Saint Stephen, the patron saint from the parish, with the martyr's crown overhangs the fountain.
In which year was it built ? =C
GPS N47°59.249 E007°13.295 / Google Maps 47 59.249, 7 13.295

The flume is supplied by the water from the small valley called “Pfaffenheimer Trank.” If you follow the street next to the flume, you can walk in direction of the chapel :
- Murbach, D=10
- Schwarzenthann, D=20
- Schauenberg, D=30
GPS N47°59.304 E007°13.320 / Google Maps 47 59.304, 7 13.320

The early statue from Saint Anthony from Padua, which was erected over the fountain, was made in plaster and came from the church. It was replaced in 2007 by a statue made in sandstone.
What is the attribute from Saint Anthony ?
- the bread, E=10
- the wine, E=20
- the cheese, E=30
Bravo ! You've answered all the questions. Now you can find the treasure !

GPS N47°59.North E007°13.East
Google Maps 47 59.North, 7 13.East

With North = ((C-A)/E)+B+D+83 and East = ((C-A)/E)+B+D+99

Game geocaching Osenbach

Length of visit/event

  • 45 min

Level of difficulty

  • Easy