Pfaffenheim in the middle of the wineyard


The origin of Pfaffenheim goes back to the roman epoch and maybe previously in the Celtic epoch. Many convents owned their property in Pfaffenheim, that's why this place was called “"Papanheim”". But those religious people were maybe druids. That's the reason why the origin of the village may go back to the Celtic epoch. During the Renaissance the wine trade was very good and there were three castles in Pfaffenheim. Nowadays, you can see remarkable houses from this epoch. Pfaffenheim was plundered and devastated many times because of its wealth.
GPS N47°59.197 E007°17.270
Google Maps 47 59.197, 7 17.270
GPS N47°59.046 E007°17.158 / Google Maps 47 59.046, 7 17.158

You're in front of the fountain, in the center of the village.
How many sides do you count ? =A
GPS N47°59.049 E007°17.092 / Google Maps 47 59.049, 7 17.092

Look up on the porch ! There is a shield with a date and two items engraved on each side.
What represents the item on the right ?
- a crescent moon, B=10
- a horseshoe, B=20
- a four-leaved clover, B=30
GPS N47°59.084 E007°17.031 / Google Maps 47 59.084, 7 17.031

You're walking along the wineyard and you can enjoy the landscape. Which montain can you see in front of you, on the other side of the Rhine, in Germany ?
- the Jura, C=10
- the Bavarian Alps, C=20
- the Black Forest, C=30
GPS N47°59.184 E007°17.029 / Google Maps 47 59.184, 7 17.029

Many educational boards are along the riding path. Read them ! How many months after the harvest happens the last filtration of the wine ? (Combien de mois après les vendanges a lieu la dernière filtration qui rend le vin parfaitement limpide avant d'être mis en bouteille ?) =D
GPS N47°59.145 E007°17.163 / Google Maps 47 59.145, 7 17.163

This fountain represents Saint Michael in the Saint John's Apocalypse.
Which animal is he flooring ?
- a dog, E=10
- a wolf, E=20
- a dragon, E=30
Bravo ! You've answered all the questions. Now you can find the treasure !

GPS N47°59.North E007°17.East
Google Maps 47 59.North, 7 17.East

With North = (AxB)+E+7 and East = (CxD)

Game geocaching Pfaffenheim

Length of visit/event

  • 45 min

Level of difficulty

  • Easy